About Us

Since 2003, ATW Engineering has been at the forefront of our reputable and loyal Clients' quest for more independence vs. OEMs and Vendors by providing Thailand-based industries with local replication and reconditioning services/solutions. Pioneering and advocating the technological evolution of Mechanical Reverse Engineering, our personnel skills, our work processes as well as our equipment and tools have been elevated to the all-new precision and quality level required by today's Industry 4.0 era.

Reverse Engineering

Adjusting ATW Solution process to the very needs of your project, be it quite simple or the most complex, we reverse-engineer the damaged or obsolete part every step of the way, from scanning the "as is" original component - either in ATW shop or in-situ with our portable CMM tools, through data modelling and up to the ad hoc level of 3D precision agreed upon with you.

The Reverse Engineering process applies to just about any mechanical equipment and their sub-components, static or rotating.

Material Analysis

Using PMI guns and XRF technology, the first step is always a thorough analysis of the materials, especially if the objective is to improve the part resilience, hardness or longevity. Working indifferently with all sorts of metals and alloys, ATW metallurgy specialist will issue an Inspection Report that includes recommendations to improve the requested part property(ies).

Metals & Alloys we frequently use:

-High Strength Steel: 4140/4330/30CrNiMo8
-Tool Steel: D2/H13/M2
-Duplex Steel: 2205/2507
-Super Alloys: Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy,Titanium, High Nickel 625/200
-Bronze NiAl, Mg,PbSn, Zn(gunmetal)
-Aluminum 5083/6061/6082/7075

3D Scanning & Metrology

Used at both front-end of the Reverse Engineering sequence for 3D scanning, then during fabrication for QC purpose and ultimately at the back-end of re-manufacturing for precision prior to delivery, ATW Metrology Center is equipped with best-in-class Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) to ensure full compliance with our Clients' requirements.

Main Metrology Equipment:

-ZEISS Contura 2G Compact 1.5 Machine
-FARO 8-axis Quantum FaroArm non-contact portable laser scanner

3D Modelling

The classical 3D modelling sequence comprising of following steps:
3D scanning ==> Point Cloud ==> Mesh ==> Surface ==> Solid is then conducted using PolyWorks and PowerShade.

Our data import/export versatility allows us to accept all types of formats (STL, PTS, TXT, STP, IGS, OBJ, Autocad 2D/3D) and convert our Reverse Engineering files to most mainstream CAD/CAM sofware (SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, SpaceClaim, etc...)

Advanced (Re)Manufacturing
In 2017, ATW Engineering has expanded its traditional manufacturing capabilities and created a CNC Excellence Shop with the addition of advanced 5-axis and 4-axis machinery, with a view to improving its Precision Manufacturing services in conjunction with reducing its end-to-end Reverse Engineering cycle for emergency requests. Thus, the re-manufacturing plan for your part is optimized to match your project's main objective (end-to-end delivery time, precision level, budget, quantity, ...)

In addition to our traditional turning, milling, grinding, boring, drilling, bending, rolling, welding, hard-facing capabilities, we are proud to offer Express Service even for complex and composite parts, thanks to our state-of-the-art CNC machine-tools:
- MAZAK  Integrex i-200 (5-axis)
- DMG-MORI  NVX 5100, 2nd Generation
- MORI Seiki ZL-25


ATW Engineering also provides all types of surface finish and/or technical coatings as per either your specific requirements on the matter or as required by the target performance of the new part.  That may include: thermal spray, HVOF,laser welding, electro-brush plating, hardchrome plating, stelliting, etc...

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