Material Analysis

Using PMI guns and XRF technology, the first step is always a thorough analysis of the materials, especially if the objective is to improve the part resilience, hardness or longevity. Working indifferently with all sorts of metals and alloys, ATW metallurgy specialist will issue an Inspection Report that includes recommendations to improve the requested part

Metals & Alloys we frequently use:

- High Strength Steel: 4140/4330/30CrNiMo8
- Tool Steel: D2/H13/M2
- Stainless Steel: UNS304/316/316Ti/310/321/410/420/431/440/630
- Duplex Steel: 2205/2507
- Super Alloys: Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, High Nickel 625/200
- Bronze NiAl, Mg,PbSn, Zn(gunmetal)
- Aluminum 5083/6061/6082/7075

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