What we do

For nearly two decades, we have specialized in replicating, reconditioning and improving mechanical parts of process equipment, manufacturing lines and heavy machinery.
So, if…

 You want to replace or repair damaged parts but drawings, original specifications or material certificates    are not readily available,
 You have run out of stock of spare parts for an obsolete pump or compressor after the OEM has discontinued their manufacture,
  Your Company has just bought a new plant and you want to ensure more Part Interchangeability between portfolio assets,
 The parts you just received from your Vendor don't fit or keep breaking down,
 Your turnaround inspector has requested an unplanned part replacement before startup and the Vendor's lead delivery time is too long,
 You want to limit the quantity of parts ordered to the OEMs down to only the warranty spares, hence making significant savings,
 Your Document Control Center wishes to migrate the documentation of your mission-critical and safety critical equipment from initial 2D  As-Built to up-to-date high-precision 3D files compliant with International Standards,
 Your re-rated turbine requires some part upgrades to withstand enhanced production parameters,
 Your Supply Chain department plans  to reduce inventory, minimize SKUs, streamline warehousing and simplify logistics,
Then we contend that an ATW Solution, based on full or partial Reverse Engineering method and technologies that guarantee the adequate level of precision and quality, can provide a custom-made, cost-effective and rapid solution to your specific project and contribute positively to your operations.
The ATW Solution's benefits:
1 purchase savings (up to 80%)
2 inventory reduction (spare part optimization)
3 lower dependency on OEM's agreements
4 higher reliability of Technical Documentation (3D Standards)
5 lower maintenance costs (RAM)
6 enhanced MTBF, uptime (improved design and materials)
7 guaranteed fit-for-purpose parts (post-installation)
8 emergency response to operational contingencies

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